New Year, New Sponsor – Marathon Appliance

Happy 2015, all. I’m thrilled to announce that I have a new sponsor, Marathon Appliance. Some might ask, “Appliance repair? How’s that going to help you with your Ironman training?” Well, there are so many things in my day-to-day life that can (and often do) interfere with my ability to train. Amy says I’ve made an art of juggling my training with my work schedule, her work/travel schedule, taking/picking up the girls to/from school, helping with homework, making dinner, shuttling to/from the kids’ sports, and so on. I usually have a Plan B too, as “life happens” quite a bit around here. When “life happens” involves a major appliance going out, that does more than throw a wrench in my training…it brings the day to a grinding halt. And let’s be honest, the Pat vs. Home Repairs record is fairly lopsided, and not in my favor. So, when Rob Jones approached me about appliance repair as a sponsor, I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve known Rob for years, and he’s a great, stand-up guy. He’s an accomplished runner and Ironman triathlete…and he’s engaged to a firefighter, so he keeps good company! Knowing I’ve got him at the ready in case of any appliance issue gives me (and my wife) peace of mind.

What is Marathon Appliance, you ask? I’ll let Rob tell you…

Marathon Appliance is owned and operated by Rob Jones, and serves most of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Having 21 years in the appliance service industry, we strive to give fast, efficient repairs at an affordable price. We use today’s technology to our advantage from scheduling, diagnostics and invoicing.  We want to set the standard high for the service industry.
Marathon Appliance got its name from a passion of mine. It just fit! Being a runner & Ironman triathlete, I’m very passionate about all I do. My company is something I want to reflect not only who I am as a person, but  to give back to the community that has helped me through some of the toughest times.
I look forward to a great partnership, Rob. Thanks!

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