Tri Dallas Events – The Grand Weekend

Tri Dallas Events – The Grand Weekend

I finally had a weekend off when I could race a local race, so I looked to see what races were going on in the area. It had been a while since I raced out at Joe Pool, so when I saw that Tri Dallas Events (TDE) had The Grand Weekend races (formerly Metroplex Sprint Triathlon) going on, I decided to sign up.

Racing locally is always nice. I know exactly when to get up, how to get there, and what to expect. I rolled into transition around 5:30am, parked, picked up my packet, got body marked, and headed into transition to get my spot set up. It was great to see some familiar faces – some I see regularly, like the SVSS crew, and some I don’t see as often. Friend and fellow GPFD firefighter, Lewis and I went for a quick warm up jog. During the pre-race meeting, we saw the clouds getting darker, noticed the wind was picking up, and saw the water starting to get choppy. I knew that would mean wind on the bike. We also decided to blame fellow SVSS athlete, Heather, for the rain. Even she owned up to the fact that she took the rain with her to her last several races.
After the pre-race meeting, we all headed down to the water and waited for our waves to be called into the water. The water was very choppy, but thankfully, the hydrilla hasn’t gotten out of hand yet. The gun went off, and I settled into a rhythm, hanging with the first couple of swimmers. I did manage to gag on water that hit the back of my throat weird, so I’m sure I looked like a spaz in the water for a few seconds. Beyond that, the sprint swim was over pretty quickly…7:15.
I cruised through tranisiton without incident and headed out on the bike. It was nice to be able to leave the park and think that I would not have to contend with the dam and the vortex of terror that occurs during strong winds. However, the bridges on Lakeridge were not any better. Between the crosswinds and the slick roads from the intermittent rain, it was a tad harrowing at times. Nevertheless, I made a charge toward the front to catch the guy who got out of the water first. I cruised along, pushing 28mph at points, thankful for how well my Trek Speed Concept handles in less than ideal conditions. By the turn around, I had a comfortable lead. I kept the hammer down, to make sure I had some comfort room for the run.
I made it to transition with a bike time of 28:23 (25.1 mph),  over 2 minutes and almost 2mph faster than the next bike split (have I mentioned how much I like my bike?). I set out on the run, trying to maintain or extend my lead. Feeling good and gaining strength from the great crowd cheering, I pushed the pace. On the heels of an Ironman, a sprint tri, especially the 5K, goes by really quickly. Before I could even think about my race too much, I was heading towards the finish. I held my lead and took the overall win.
Just as exciting was hanging around the finish to see fellow SVSS athletes Jason Maloy and Heather Tomlinson clinch age group wins. All in all, it was a fun day. Kudos to Tri Dallas Events and Brad Davidson for putting on a quality event. Thanks to Dr. Maloy and SVSS for keeping me healthy and cheering me on, and big thanks to Richardson Bike Mart for keeping my bike running smooth.

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